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The House of Uhygge

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Crazy Christmas Show, Vivienne McKee and her terrifyingly talented team present a story of ghastly ghouls and hilarious horror which will make your skin crawl and possibly die laughing
“The House of Uhygge” is a comedy spoof based on classic gothic tales which will send shivers of both fear and laughter rattling down your spines. There is nothing like a good SCREEEAM and the reflex burst of laughter which follows it
So if you like to be shaken up, scared out of your wits or just plain horrified, then
“THE HOUSE OF UHYGGE” will give you lots to scream about! Be aware of strobe-lights in the show. Vær opmærksom på at der bruges stroboskoblys

Medvirkende: Vivienne McKee, David Bateson, Andrew Jeffers, Katrine Falkenberg, Kevin Kiernan-Molloy, Sebastian Harris, Claus de Lichtenberg, Stuart Goodstein, Søren B. Petersen, Tom Højlund
Instruktør: Vivienne McKee
Scenograf: Kirsten Brink
Kapelmester: Stuart Goodstein
Koreograf: Peter Friis
Lysdesigner: Malte Haugaard
Produktionsleder: Bjarne Olsen
Lydtekniker: Claus Wolter
Forestillingsleder: Claus de Lichtenberg
Instruktørassistent: Line Staustrup
Tekniker: Søren Arndal
Konsulent: Ulla Håkansson
Producent: Søren Hall
Dramatiker, forfatter: Vivienne McKee
Komponist Stuart Goodstein m. fl.
Producent: London Toast Theatre
Arrangør: London Toast Theatre


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