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The Disappeared

The Disappeared tells the story of a queer voice who is the victim of rigid politics and forced to exile during a government coup in South America. Come along to a wild, fun, sexy and queer cabaret and experience what happens on the night, when a regime change takes place and the world is turned upside down. Be there for the final moments of joy and artistic expression before the burlesque performer is kicked out of their own country. It is the true story of one persons journey from Chile to Denmark via Mexico to reclaim their voice after having been robbed of both freedom and identity.

Medvirkende: Nova , Josh Herring
Producent: Jeremy M. Thomas
Iscenesætter: Jeremy M. Thomas
Scenograf: Jeremy M. Thomas
Dramaturg: Alexander Bastian Nielsen
Dramatiker, forfatter: Adrian Casanova Villamonte
Komponist Josh Herring
Producent: Down the Rabbit Hole
Arrangør: Down the Rabbit Hole


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