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Shirley Valentine

Vivienne McKee stars as Shirley Valentine in this witty comedy about a fun-loving woman trapped in “lockdown” dull domesticity. Married to an unthinking husband and distanced from her selfish grown-up children, Shirley is forced to talk to a wall for company. We meet her in the prison of her kitchen where she is cooking supper for her husband. She keeps the blues at bay with a bottle of wine and her infectious wit. What follows is an odyssey, a voyage of self-discovery, as she takes the “wall” into her confidence and relates hilarious anecdotes of her youth, motherhood and marriage. Suddenly she reveals that she has been offered a chance to escape her routine existence. But what will happen?

Medvirkende: Vivienne McKee
Dramatiker, forfatter: Willy Russell
Producent: London Toast Theatre
Arrangør: London Toast Theatre


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