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On My Tongue

On My Tongue explores sensorial practices navigating consent, companionship, tactility, and politics of touch. Questions around intimacy, artificiality and the use of the senses are surfing our tongues and feeding our movements. Holding on to emotional loops in the music and the dance, we move through ambivalences of touch and being touched, together. Look for the spine, the hands and the eyes, they are carriers of sensorial loop feedbacks that you are inevitably already a part of.

Medvirkende: Paolo De Venecia Gile, Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Luisa Fernanda Alfonso, Emilie Gregersen
Komponist: Karis Zidore
Lyddesignere: Karis Zidore, Andrea Parolin
Dramaturgisk konsulenter: Naya Moll, Jette Büchsenschütz
Lysdesigner: Vito Walter
Andet: Astrid Gravsholt, Dance Cooperative
Videodesigner: Cruz Proxy
AI-specialist: Cruz Proxy
Komponist Karis Zidore
Producent: Dansehallerne
Arrangør: Dansehallerne


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