© Dag Jenssen, Dina Rosenmeier

Lynch Concert

Lynch Concert is a sublime contemporary blend of performance, theatre
and Butoh dance. Touching, provocative, and sometimes very funny, Lynch
Concert is a simple, yet beautifully crafted solo work created out of
smaller solo works. Here the sum of its parts is an exceptional whole
in Lynch’s exploration of power, religion, death, betrayal, and how
a knife slicing a cucumber close to a penis suggests an end to the
patriarchy…or almost.

Medvirkende: Stuart Lynch
Producenter: Jeremy M. Thomas-Bøgsted, Alexander Bastian Nielsen
Iscenesætter: Stuart Lynch
Dramatiker, forfatter: Stuart Lynch
Komponist Johan Segerberg, Henrietta Grove, Rune Kaagraard, Stuart Lynch
Producent: Down the Rabbit Hole
Arrangør: Down the Rabbit Hole


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