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I just want to be miserable like everyone else!

Meet Hap. Despite all attempts to be a miserablist she can’t ever be unhappy.

Unhappy at being happy, she visits Doctor Marples seeking a cure. Doctor Marples, herself desperate for joy, doesn’t know how to be happy in the first place! Through the ongoing monotony of Brexit, Corona and takeaways-for-one, Hap and her doctor find to their surprise, giggles and romance in the most unlikely of places. HAP is the only ever written comedy by BAFTA award-winning, OFFIE-nominated British playwright and screenwriter John Foster. Directed by Paul Glaser, the Artistic Director of The English Theatre of Hamburg.

Medvirkende: Vanessa Poole, Jana Pulkrabek,
Instruktør: Paul Glaser
Dramatiker, forfatter: John Foster
Producent: Move the North / HIT International
Arrangør: Teatret ved Sorte Hest


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