© Rachel Kador

Broadway, Rearranged!

A miscast meandering of musical melodies

What happens when casting a musical goes all wrong?
Broadway, Rearranged! is a cabaret-style musical production that only follows one rule: no one is right for the role.
But don’t worry. This mega talented group of singers is up to the challenge as we present a miscast meandering through musical melodies.
Come join us for a night of stories, gossip, and games as we hear some of history’s greatest show tunes as they were never meant to be sung ? or were they?
The CPH Musical Theater Co is Copenhagen’s premiere source for English-language musical theater performance and appreciation.

Medvirkende: Rachel Kador, Noah Pott
Producenter: Jeremy M. Thomas-Bøgsted, Alexander Bastian Nielsen
Dramaturg: Rachel Kador
Instruktør: Lasse Holmelund Jarbøl
Forestillingsleder: Alexander Bastian Nielsen
Kapelmester: Noah Pott
Dramatiker, forfatter: Rachel Kador, Lasse Holmelund Jarbøl, Alexander Bastian Nielsen, Noah Pott
Producent: Down the Rabbit Hole
Arrangør: Down the Rabbit Hole


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